40 Years

October 2019

Nancy Good – Owner, Property Management Company in Steamboat


I first came to Steamboat to be here with my now Husband, Jeff Good! I started as a bookkeeper at Harwigs in 1990 and worked in the office with Sandy until around 1998. My kids were nursed, fed and napped in the room right next to the office! These days I still have a few [...]

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Erica Lane – Photographer, Blogger & Designer


Harwigs for sure has a special place in my heart as my first job and I have so many great memories there. Whether it was the great people I met, having hot lunch there while attending Emerald Mountain School with JJ, or hosting my parents’ anniversary parties over the years, Harwigs has always been our [...]

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Alexandra Josfan – Account Manager for Go Overseas


I was born and raised in Steamboat and first started working at Harwigs in May of 2015 (I believe) as a hostess/back wait. One day at Harwigs I was proposed to by a customer in a kind of "don't kill the messenger" situation. The customer was so pleased with his food, he was moved to [...]

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Aaron McDougal – Waiter


What first brought me to Steamboat was a red ’98 Jetta with two other guys and as much ski sh*t as we could fit. I started at Harwigs in 2013 I think, as a back waiter. I have some fun stories from working at Harwigs but none that I’m willing to put into writing! Needless [...]

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September 2019

Ira Harmon – Sommelier


I first came to Steamboat to be a ski bum and think I accomplished that. I started working at Harwigs on Valentine’s Day 1987.  Four people called in sick and Jamie called and asked If I could help open up bottles. That is where my story with L’Apogee/Harwigs began. I have been selling wine and teaching wine [...]

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Gregory Block – Artist


I've never had a job at the restaurant. My resume may include some embarrassing items, but decidedly not Harwigs. However, in 2009, I'd just graduated from Colorado College with a biology degree and was resolved to spend the year working to make it as an artist. I had a bunch of mechanical wooden sculptures on [...]

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