Harwigs for sure has a special place in my heart as my first job and I have so many great memories there. Whether it was the great people I met, having hot lunch there while attending Emerald Mountain School with JJ, or hosting my parents’ anniversary parties over the years, Harwigs has always been our go to when celebrating, and I swear has the BEST food in town. I’ve tried French onion soup in over 25 countries and Harwigs still wins hand down!

I was born and raised in Steamboat. My parents used to eat at Harwigs back when it was at the other downtown location. I had my first job there in 1995, as a hostess. I loved the people I worked with and the relationships I developed over the years with the regular customers. My favorite was Deano, who I still keep in contact with today. I’ve always loved the Jennie family and think it’s awesome it’s now being run by JJ. Of course, Mike is a fav too. 😉

I think the funniest memory was actually a night my parents were celebrating an anniversary in the 1990’s. The story goes: My mom leaned over the table to tell my dad something. Being the 90’s, her big hair had a ton of hairspray and mouse and it caught on fire over the candle! She starts frantically hitting her hair trying to put it out and one customer yells “drop and roll!”. Needless to say, everything was fine, but she did have to layer her long hair and believe the stench might have caused some disruption to the other guests.

Since working at Harwigs, I moved to Denver in 2000 to attend art school, where I focused on graphic design and photography. From there I’ve specialized in advertising, sales and marketing for various small businesses on the Front Range, as well as in Steamboat. My true passion is photography, journalism and all things creative. Four years ago, I founded Mountain Girl Creative, where I blog, sell my photography and assist companies with various creative projects. I’ve enjoyed living on the front range, but always find my way back to Steamboat. The people, laid-back vibe, beauty, killer mountain and now getting to share it all with my daughter is really special. The valley has my heart.