Why Thai?

Traditionally Harwigs is a distinctly French dining experience, combining traditional and modern flavors.  We’re not going to hide, our Thai Tuesdays are a bit self-indulgent. Traveling the world, and trying new cuisine, our chefs have a passion (and talent) for tantalizing Thai dishes.

What’s not to love? Our aim is to also preserve the traditional side of Thai food, the recipes and dishes that are slowly being forgotten in modern Thailand. JJ is known for blending classic technique with modern cuisine, making use of the traditions he learned as a child while pushing culinary boundaries. The results, and everyone can agree, are exquisite. It’s what brings local diners back time and time again for Thai Tuesdays.

One of {the world’s} most popular dishes, Pad Thai, is another exemplary example of flavor fusions from Harwigs. Combining rock shrimp, tofu, egg, birds eye chili, cilantro, peanut, and rice noodle, it’s easy to see why Pad Thai is listed at number 5 on World’s 50 most delicious foods readers’ poll compiled by CNN Go in 2011.

For those that are still in favor of the traditional steak dinner, and newer to the Thai experience, we suggest the Massaman Black Angus Ribeye plate. It’s actually a misperception that Thais don’t eat beef. It may be a little harder to come by in that region, but is a savory option. Joined by whipped potato, baby carrot, asparagus, curried demi, micro coriander, our Thai Ribeye plate is the best of both worlds.

We hope you enjoy the intricacy, attention to detail, texture; color, flavor, and beautiful visual compositions in our Thai dishes- we know we do.